The focus for any manufacturing unit should be to meet daily production targets. However, recently, a growing number of business enterprises find it increasingly difficult to adhere to stringent guidelines and processes necessary for Purchase & Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality & Inspection, etc. With qualified industry experts, Amdys can analyse the abovementioned challenges faced by a company and provide solutions and consultancy services, thereby increasing company efficiency.

Amdys has market penetration across India, and is in a position to provide effective and meaningful services to their clients.

We invite you to visit Amdys and give us an opportunity to showcase our experience for your benefits.

Consultancy services also include

  • Country representation. This could be short / medium or long term as per clients need.
  • Consultancy for market survey as well as market intelligence
  • Procurement and buying representative of your raw material or finished goods. This could also be extended to the quality inspection and shipments follow up.
  • To Identify of your local partners as well as services for due diligence
  • Plan, Build & handover the business establishment together with local Governmental licenses & approvals in India.
  • Government Representation

We’ll Consult You On

Fields we specialize in vary and encompass everything a modern business faces today…


Your best partner for prompt, responsive and strategic business needs for the growing Indian market.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Amdys… With huge knowledge & experience are in the position to bring the business firms together after careful due diligence.


With the qualified experts is happy to analyze the challenges faced by the company and provide consultancy to overcome the challenges.

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