Capital Goods Sales

New Technology demands new High- Tech Equipment

The innovation Or “Disruptive Innovation” as popularly termed today will be the biggest challenge by a wide spectrum of businesses and industries.

This process & development has already begun; for example, an initial move toward electric vehicle manufacturing by Tesla. This occurrence will be repeated in many other manufacturing industries in the years to come. As such, newer innovative machine tools and manufacturing processes and methods will be necessary. Products that were considered to be high-technology products are no longer listed in the same category any more.

Like Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, thriving in the tech industry is all about survival of the fittest! The “fittest” technologies are ones that make products more convenient, accessible, simple, affordable, and available to a larger or newer population of consumers. Such technologies are called “disruptive innovations.” Harvard professor Clayton M. Christensen created the theory of disruptive innovation in the 1990s. The theory explains the series of events that occur when an existing technology is one-upped by a new one. Although the term “disruptive innovation” has a negative connotation, it is only the competition that suffers from that disruption. The customers – the majority -always benefit.

Apple introduced disruptive innovation in the 1980s. Computers were available in that era; however, the average customer was not about to spend two hundred thousand dollars for one! Apple came along unexpectedly and made the technology smaller and more affordable. They were a positive force in the computer industry, and we’re still seeing those effects today. Every corporation, including Apple, has to pay close attention to their competitors. Like in evolution, new, bigger fish will always come along and if the original fish don’t adapt, they’ll lose customers or worse, get completely replaced! In an ideal situation, the competitiveness caused by an evolutionary product will eventually transform into cooperation between rival companies. When industries are “disrupted,” everyone eventually benefits.

This would simply be applicable as a challenge in years to come by almost everyone in the manufacturing segment or the ones involved in providing manufacturing solutions. Thus, machine tools manufacturers will have to work harder to meet these changing scenes from the customer side.

At Amdys, we recognize this and shall be ready to meet this as per the customer’s requirement.

With 35 years of experience in capital equipment sales, we are a reliable and dependable source for your new equipment.

Amdys has wide range of business tie-ups with OEM’s around the world and can offer ideal solutions for your manufacturing needs.

The Equipment sales range includes the following:

  • Automotive and allied engineering industries
  • Security Printing & Minting Industry
  • Specialized Machineries and production equipment
  • Auxiliary and allied equipment
  • Specialized metal coating equipment (for tools & dies)
  • Automation Solutions
  • Specialized Tooling & Dies

Automotive and allied engineering Industries

Electric Vehicle manufacturing shall necessitate a huge shift in the requirements of machine tools. For several decades what appeared to be standard, this new technology makes several assemblies, drives, components, and its supporting tools completely redundant, and the machine tools industry will have to be well-equipped accordingly in order to face these evolving conditions for business.



Security Printing and Minting Industry

Security Printing and Minting is a specialized trade that Amdys has effectively served for the past three decades. As such, all equipment for circulation and medallion coins can be serviced by us.

  • Equipment for Precious Metals processing
  • Assistance in process-flow improvement (to increase productivity by means of automation, shop-layout & other changes)
  • Upgrade/renewal/improvement of existing equipment
  • Retrofitting
  • Supply of specialized and reliable tools & Dies that ensure productivity & long life of machines/equipment
  • Supply of spare parts & consumables
  • Assistance in improving your existing equipment/machines for high productivity & reliability.

Specialized Machines and Production Equipment

With ever-changing technology, there is an increased demand for specialized products, which require special custom-made machines suitable to the product. Amdys can ensure that you produce the parts as per your requirement with the best quality & in the most economical way.

Auxiliary equipment for production equipment

Your existing equipment’s would always need add-ons & modifications to adapt to your increased production requirements, changes in the end product, and system-related demand. Amdys can help with specialized solutions & equipment that can be integrated seamlessly in an existing setup.

Specialized metal coating equipment (for tools & dies)

Tools & dies absorb a major chunk of the regular running cost of the machine. The technologies in this field have been changing at a rapid rate, wherein various specialized processes are being invented to improve the life & quality of tools & dies. Amdys is a one-stop solution for all your requirements.

Partnering with M/s Oerlikon Germany, the world leader for PVD coating solutions, especially for the Minting Industry in India



From individual stand-alone machines to complete production lines, Amdys is a system supplier. We automate your production lines with intelligence and an eye to practical utility thereby boosting the performance of your production lines efficiently and economically. Whether it is a broad portfolio of parts, high productivity or the need for compact space, our automation solutions win over customers with high efficiency and reliable production processes. M/s Australis Engineering Pvt. Ltd, Australia delivers state-of-the art equipment to meet the demand from various industry segments.

Also, when it comes to modernizing existing lines, we offer tried and tested practical solutions for efficient production of components in the highest quality.